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Kizatri Dachshunds

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An Australian ethical & responsible breeder, specialising in naturally raised miniature dachshunds. Meaning they are not exposed to the usual chemicals in flea, tick or worming products. Instead I prefer to treat using natural products. I practice a delayed vaccine schedule for pups moving on to new homes as required. I will always prefer KiZaTri puppies to go to homes who will continue to limit their chemical exposure, which will in turn give them a longer, healthier life. My main priority is ensuring the health & well being of all dogs & puppies from birth, until they leave to join their forever families and beyond.

All KiZaTri dogs are fed a high quality raw species appropriate diet & undergo regular health testing - (DNA, cardio, eye, thyroid & patella.) My goal is to breed for health & temperament, as well as type. Puppies are raised around children & are weaned directly on to raw food when ready. Puppy Culture protocols are used to commence training.

I have recently begun showing and attending Earth Dogs events with some of the dogs. I look forward to continued learning.

Kizatri Dachshunds

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Kizatri Dachshunds

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Kizatri Dachshunds

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Kizatri Dachshunds

Puppy Availability

Puppies will be microchipped and under go a wellness exam in preparation for meeting their new families.  Included is a take home puppy pack complete with a range of goodies, toys, scent blanket, birth certificate, food samples, information folder and more... Not to mention lifetime support.

* Interstate travel or flights can be arranged where needed at buyers expense from 12 weeks old.

If you are interested in a Kizatri puppy, please complete a puppy application.  I am rigorous in screening and selecting the right home for each puppy. If i do not believe your home is the best fit for one of my pups, I am happy to redirect you to a different breeder who might be a better match.


Kizatri Dachshunds

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~ Natural Rearing Breeder ~
Kizatri Dachshunds

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Natural Rearing Breeder 

The NRBA is a premier organisation founded by Dr. Jeannie Thomason, a certified animal naturopath in 2009. The basic principals of Natural Rearing are both simple and elegant.  Yet to the newcomer, the wealth of information can be overwhelming. Probably the hardest part is first unlearning what we have taken for granted for most of our lives. Simply stated, natural rearing goes back to nature with our animal care, keeping things simple and as true to species as possible. 

Time and experience as well as modern science itself, have provided solid evidence that natures ways are far superior in providing the elements required for our animals to have a vital, balanced immune system and long healthy life. This includes feeding a raw species appropriate diet, along with no vaccinations and raising them in a loving environment full of stimulation and enrichment to produce intelligent, healthy animals. 

We are dedicated to the naturopathic way of life, to address disease of the mind and body using holistic methods when needed. We believe that disease should be addressed in a positive and constructive manner, approaching the cause, not just the symptom.

The proof is in the puppies

How We Do Things

Jane Killion's Puppy Culture, is a complete program of over 50 lessons. From whelping box to new home that is scientifically proven, to greatly improve outcomes for puppies during the powerful first 12 weeks of their life. Puppy Culture explores in detail, the critical early periods of development that each puppy goes through, raising a happy, socially successful and trainable dog.

Puppy Culture is based on the premise that the puppy always leads the learning, and puppies learn best by appropriate experiences at the appropriate time. It is a positive reinforcement based program based on the latest science and studies on puppy rearing.


Knowledge is Power! 

Breeding healthy pets from the inside out.  

Holistic Remedies 

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